Over four years ago, my former boss (Dorothy) called me from home and proclaimed, "We are doing it all wrong." What 'it' was, was the idea of technology integration at my former school. In the span of twenty four hours we came up with a new plan. I am not sure if we were absolutely crazy but somewhere deep down we knew we were doing something right. Well that was, except to everyone looking in and I am convinced that they thought we were doing it all wrong.

However, what were we doing wrong... technology was this pull out model. It was intentional when it came to integration. We had a cart of laptops, but even though it was used frequently (including teachers who attempted to 'permanently' check it out), it was so intentional. It was such an event and definitely not something, I think either of us aspired too. Honestly, I am pretty certain, that even if they didn't say it, students probably thought our technology integration was an extremely lame attempt. So we began to vow to challenge ourselves and our teachers each day.

So how did we get it to work:

  1. Understand that you are going to be busy, that when you are undertaking change it is going to be tiring, and at times it was going to be messy.
  2. Whatever you do, please do not scream out, "I'm so overwhelmed." Because if you do say that, you are not committed to the task at hand and if you are curious what this task is... we are changing the way you teach.
  3. Immerse yourself and realize that things are going to constantly change, if not you are going to be stagnant and boring- but don't worry you have a community to help you with this change.
  4. You have to be creative,  a collaborator, and you have to communicate in different ways, and if you are curious... you have to be competitive with yourself.
  5. This is a team effort, so make sure you ask others and work with others.
  6. Finally, in a few years, someone might ask you what you are doing. And you will not be able to answer them, that is the goal of seamless learning.

Oh and if you are curious, there were times that I doubted myself- but on those hard days I just had to remind myself that what I was doing right. And even if it felt like I was walking through wet cement-- I knew that I was not going to get stagnant and stick with the same ol', same ol'.

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