Big ideas I guess at one point start small. I just finished working on a draft of our school’s annual report. The report’s goal was to highlight the accomplishments of our students which I believe it did. I could have written a small magazine on the success of our students but for printing and time sake I was limited to eight pages. In those eight pages I talked about our major improvements, our elementary school, and our middle school. All of this was done to move SRS to SRS 2.0

As I was finishing this I realized there were a few other projects that needed to be finished before the school year starts. I still need to go and take my notes from NECC 2007 and transcribe them for summer professional development for our teachers and teaching how to blog using Wordpress is one of the major topics.

So what else is on my to do list:

  • Read 1 technology article a day and comment on it.
  • Prepare our web based tools for student use.
  • Look at how students will use our new website
  • and finally …Enjoy the rest of my summer.
I am looking at preparing a presentation for this next year called, “The Coming of the Millennials” or “When a Immigrant hires a Native” With my age and birth date, I am considered a millennial and a digital native.I work under a Gen-Xer and a Baby Boomer and how each of sees the world is amazing, each of us have our unique perspective and the way we approach things is much different then I would approach with a group of my same-aged peers.

I have decided to call my blog SRS 2.0 because after attending the NECC conference in Atlanta, I have this renewed effort to look at my teaching in a totally different way. How do I take the millennial student and make their learning ready to establish global citizenship? I have a degree in International Studies this should be easy but in fact, I am finding it difficult to take care of it on my own.

Hopefully this blog will inspire a conversation with other millennial, or maybe that Gen-Xer who just hired their first millennial. What fun we will have this coming school year.