When I first started at SRS, I really was not nervous. I was told by a coworker to get these teacher's to use technology I would have to work with these teachers non-stop, that made things a little uneasy. However, I started by upgrading much of our school's infrastructure; new computers for the teachers and students, an all campus wireless network, and programs to help make the teacher's job easier.

So over the past two school years we have done some amazing things. I enjoy calling our teachers "digital pioneers". So now I am entering my 3rd year at St. Raphael's and I am actually more nervous than I have been in the previous two years. We are working together to further benefit the 21st century learner and my goal is to reach the "tipping point", in which the efforts in technology integration will spread like wildfire throughout our school. We are getting close so I guess it is "wait and see."

So what is in store for the teachers this year? Well, each teacher will have a blog in which they will detail their assignments, class information, etc. check out my blogroll for more information. We improved our student to computer ratio 1:2.4.

h yes, I do recognize that this will also be the place in which I give curriculum updates for classes they will be under the "Tag/Category" of "SRS TinT"

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